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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas

We had a white Christmas, which does not happen often around here. Growing up in Michigan, I cannot remember a Christmas that was not white. I was thrilled this year with the ample snow. Per usual, I insisted on enjoying the snow. I expounded its virtues to anyone that would listen, and there are few Daytonians who agree with my assessment of snow. Proclamations of "Snowmageddon" and "Snowpocalypse" are frequent. I cheerfully ignored all the naysayers, determined to enjoy snow. Thank goodness, too. Or else I would have missed this amazing scenery.

Buddy really enjoyed the snow. He frolicked, found sticks, and even attempted to jump out on the ice.

At lunch last week, my mother-in-law was adamant that snow was an evil inconvenience, and that it shouldn't exist at all. I reasoned that if it wasn't snowing, it would be raining. And rain could not look this beautiful:

She reluctantly agreed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas!

I hope you're having a happy Christmas. I'm baking away, and enjoying a blissfully quiet Christmas Holiday with Mr. Radar.

He's taken leave (doesn't happen often, trust me), so expect a bit of quiet from me over the next 4-5 days. I'd love to enjoy my holiday with the #1 man in my heart.

Now go eat something delicious!

Preferable this or this . Homemade Butterbeer, yes please!

PS: Next week, my Granny's legendary, super secret Custard Nog recipe, especially for New Year's Eve. Best served with Bourbon.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Radar: Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary. We've been married two years now, and I'm more in love with you than ever.

And I love you so much that sometimes my heart aches. No matter how many oceans are between us, I know always, that you are mine.

You are a better husband that you know. When I want to give up, you gently nudge me forward. Reassuring me that, no, I am not a failure. You are patient when I am frustrated. Kind when I am wracked with anger.

You do not laugh at my crazy ideas. Even though, generally, they are crazy. You have never limited my imagination, always believing in the possibility of my dreams.

Before I met you, I defined my life by accomplishments. How much I learned, always pushing to be bigger and better. But life, as you taught me, is not about how much you do. Life is about how much you love.

And my love for you could span the globe one hundred times.

*All photos by the lovely and talented Faye Sommer

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Loves: For the Homebody

You may have noticed that these lists oddly resemble the two main protagonists of this blog: Mr. Radar and me, Hilary Bee. It's true. I want everything on this list and I'll bet you will find something to like, too. Do you have any special holiday wishes? I wish for a holiday season full of of hugs, mugs of hot tea and warm cocoa, cookies and fudge, some extra coal (for warmth, like the bookkeepers in A Christmas Carol). Maybe the thing you're wishing for is on this list.

10. Morning Glory Bib Apron

I have to have a bib apron. I always spill on my front when baking, and a half apron just doesn't cut the mustard.

Pamwares Etsy Shop

9. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

Warm up your insides with this divine tea. The decorative tin makes a beautiful stocking stuffer.

Harney & Sons Tea

8. Zhena Gypsy Tea Coconut Chai Tea
I know what you are thinking. I must be nuts to want this much tea. But I drink a LOT of tea. And this Coconut Chai Tea is the perfect, cozy cup.

Zhena's Gypsy Tea

7. Hilary Bee's Pizzelle Cookies

To go with all that tea. Not too sweet, the perfect accompaniment to tea or espresso.

6. The Blessings of the Animals, by Katrina Kittle

Katrina is Dayton based, and was kind enough to come to the South Park book club! This has been on my reading list for a long time. My goal is to finish it by January.

At Amazon

5.Glitter and Felt Acorns

Perfect for the Christmas tree. We haven't trimmed our tree yet- we usually trim it on December 13, our wedding anniversary.

AnnaBelle Arts

4. Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas
Easily one of my Christmas albums. If you like this album, check out his love letter to Michigan or his newest, Age of Adz.

Via Asthmatic Kitty Records

3.Bamboo Radio

Listen to NPR any time with this beauty. If I had this, I'd tuck it under my pillow, and listen to Ira Glass streaming into my ear.
The Conran Shop

2.I Heart Michigan. And Ohio.
My two great loves, Michigan and Ohio. Reverent of my past, hopeful for my future.

From Truche

1.Around my French Table

Cookbooks are the gifts that keep giving! I got Dorie's Baking, from My Home to Yours for my birthday. I've tested several recipes from French Table- and they are great. Dorie does not disappoint.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Loves: For Your Geeky Guy

What are you loving this holiday season? Over the next few posts, I'm going to share my holiday loves (both tangible and not) with you. First, gifts for your geeky guy (if you are lucky enough to have one like me).

10. iPhone/iPod Woodtec Docking Station

via Woodtec on Etsy

9. Logitech 750i Master System
For urban nerds, the wannabe spy and/or safety obsessed. Sheldon Cooper would want this.

Via Unplggd

8. Hilary Bee's 3C's Granola Bars
Sustenance for the busy engineer. (Nothing like a little self promotion, right?)

7. The Chillpill
Two speakers, that click into each other. Inexpensive and Super cool, for the traveling geek.

Chillpill Audio found locally at MacTown

6. A Trip to Handmade Holiday Dayton
Local fun, with handmade arts, toys, crafts, and food. Every nerd needs a little fored socialization.

5. BookBook Case

By 12South

4. TRON Legacy
Even Mr. Radar wants to see it, and he hates action movies.

3.Quirky Digits Pins
Just pin to your favorite gloves, and iPhone, iTouch, iPad away. Cheap, too!

2. Just Mobile AluPen for iPad
So you don't get sticky baker fingers all over the pretty iPad screen. I don't know anybody that might have sticky fingers...

Via MobileMag- they have a very helpful reviews, too. Maybe you need a little advice for the Geek you love?

1. iPad
Mr. Radar is the biggest Apple fan out there. This is the ultimate nerd gift.

via Geeky Gadgets