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Monday, January 24, 2011

New at PRESS!

Hello, friends. Two weeks since last update. Oye. I'm terrible, aren't I? At least this update brings cheerful news!

Two of my lovely products will now be sold at PRESS coffee shop, at Wayne & 5th in the Oregon District.

My Fudge & Cookie Dough brownies and 3C's Granola Bars will be at PRESS. I'll offer more brownie flavors in the coming months.
I'm working on new packaging, and recently got a wonderful seam sealer for Christmas. (I think Mr. Radar is more excited about the sealer than I am). But I am excited about the shiny packaging.

I'm now focused on meeting new goals and expanding my product line in time for Valentine's Day. I'm working on creating better labels, opening at Etsy shop, finding an inexpensive kitchen space to work in, and identifying local retail establishments interested in my products. While I'm working, rest assured that I'll be sipping a cappuccino at PRESS.


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