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Friday, May 21, 2010

New city, new neighborhood

We put together a little wish list for our new neighborhood in London. Finding a neighborhood that fits is a tall order. We value civic engagement, green space, transportation links, and friendliness. Finding a neighborhood in London with these qualities will be difficult, but we're up for the challenge.

Here is our wish list, in order of importance.

1) Price is very important. We have a budget specified by Mr. Radar's employer. Although this budget is generous, London is expensive and some areas are simply out of our price range. Adorable Notting HIll, trendy SoHo, and posh Chelsea are out of the picture.
2) Proximity to Mr. Radar's office. We would like to find something within a 1.5 mile radius of his office, located in Camden Town, North London.
3) We need at least two bedrooms and a decent sized kitchen.
4) Neighborhood character. We want something with access to pubs, markets, and a park to walk our dog.
5) Modest garden for our dog, Buddy.

University College London, where Mr. Radar will work.

*image courtesy of

Our wish list is pretty big, I know. From scoping out online lettings sights, I know that there are flats & terrace homes available in our price range that satisfy all of our criteria.

Neighborhoods in consideration: Islington, Kings Cross, Canonbury, Kentish Town, Tuffnell Park, and Holloway. We also like Swiss Cottage and St. John's Wood, but they are a little farther from Mr. Radar's office than we would prefer.


Anonymous said...

King's Cross is adorable, that's where Julie and Luke and I stayed for a weekend. And very near Regent's Park, I think. Wherever you end up, it's London, and you're going to be surrounded by things of amazing historical and literate significance. I feel all dreamy just thinking about it.

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