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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Mr. Radar: Volume 1

Dear Mr. Radar:

You are traveling again, which means I miss you. I know that you are out, working hard and being the perfect nerd that you are. I am so proud that you are now the scientist and professional that you dreamed of becoming. You have-and continue- to work so hard. Soon you will be Dr. Radar, and I couldn't be more proud.

You refuse to give up on me, supporting me no matter what. I change my mind often, and am frequently difficult. You are steady and patient in spite of it all. I appreciate your love and support more than you could possibly know. 2010 has been a difficult, unkind year. Even though there are quite a few months to go- I couldn't have made it through the last ten months without you.

Fall is your favorite time of year. It's a beautiful, reflective time of year. Fall is the time to give thanks. And I am so thankful for you.

The first two photos are were taken by the lovely and talented Faye Sommer.


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