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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(Little) New Hope

Lately, I've been feeling pretty emotional. Maybe it's because my birthday was Saturday (more on my Bday and all the food next post!), and I feel as though I've reached a point of no return. Adulthood has sunk in, and there is no turning back. It feels a little like drowning or falling down a black tunnel. And I don't want to fall, powerless. I want to thrive.

My job search drags on, and I have felt lost, with little hope on the horizon. Then, Sunday, Mr. Radar found a half-dead kitten. And suddenly, I'm filled with a little extra hope. It's funny how something so small, a former street urchin, can restore some of my faith in life.

She was really sick. She had nasty burrs all over her body, and was covered from head to toe in muck and grime. She weighs just over a pound at 8 weeks-severely malnourished. But, she rises from the ashes.

Mr. Radar calls her New Hope.

We took her to the vet yesterday, and she has nearly every illness a little kitten could have (except Feline Lukemia, thank god!).
But look at her. If she can fight back, so can I.
And I'm going to keep her. Yes, I already have quite the menagerie. But I don't care. She gives me hope.

Besides, she looks a bit like fluffy chocolate. And who wouldn't want a chocolate covered kitten?


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