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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Philosophy And Vegetables, too.

JANUARY. A month made interesting by our resolutions and wishes. A miserable, gray month, changed by our fervor and zeal. In January, food is our enemy. We strike the food we love from our minds, ignoring our cravings and making our way to treadmills en masse.

But not me. I steadfastly ignore all the advice and rabble rousing, in favor of a gentler philosophy. You will not see any dieting tips, admonitions to eat grapefruit every day! or lamentations about the state of the American waistline here. In the New Year, I've resolved to do one thing for food. To approach it with appreciation.

Appreciation because food is a blessing of life. Appreciation because I have the good fortunate of having food. Appreciation because I am educated to know about the production of food, the preparation of food, and the nutritional value of food. Above all, appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice that is required to grow and raise the food that I eat. Appreciation for what a luxury that truly is.


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