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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Loves

The holiday of love is upon us, and I'm baking all this week to ensure Valentine's Day delivery for my wonderful customers. And I am so thankful! Thank you for placing lots of Valentine's orders. Thanks to my friends and family for encouraging me to bake on. Here are a few things that are making my Valentine's Day super sweet.

10. Vanilla Bean Paste. I use paste in the filling to my Black & White Faux{reo} cookies. It's a one-to-one substitute for vanilla extract, and it leaves gorgeous black speckles throughout. I like Beanilla.

9. Valentine's Downloads from One Charming Party.
8. The Swell Season. All of their albums + the movie Once. Seriously, incredible.
7. Divine Twine I love this baker's twine. I love to use it to package my orders for an extra special touch.

6. Woodlands Headband from Princess Lasertron.

Megan Hunt is an amazing artist, blogger and Omaha native making a difference in her community. I admire her fearlessness. And who couldn't love those adorable button and felt flowers? A refreshing change from a bouquet bound to wilt.

5. A cute dress, with a touch of flippancy. Somebody tell Betty Draper that she is relieved of her duties.From Modcloth.
4. Hearts on a String necklace for her. From Lost & Fawned

3. Wingman Tie.
Obviously for Mr. Radar. Planes? Check. Argyle? Check. Meets Mr. Radar's standard criteria for good dress. This isn't the first time Mr. Radar has donned a Toybreaker tie, either.

2."I Freaking Love You" print from Hillary Bird. Beautiful screen prints, and she also has a pretty good name.
1. A date. Isn't that what everyone wishes for on Valentine's Day? Fortunately, Mr. Radar has got this one covered. He'll even be on the same continent this year. Major Bonus.


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