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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The funniest thing happened today...

Today, Mr. Radar ran over my foot with the car. Don't worry too much- both my foot and our marriage are still in tact.

We are at the Panera, having lunch with Mr. Radar's parents. Mama Bee has been working over time at the University because it is move in weekend. So, Mr. Radar suggests we treat Mama Bee to coffee near the University. Mr. Radar, Mama Bee, and I depart for the car. I'm riding in the back, but there is a whole bunch of sh** in the way. So I'm finangling with it all, trying to move it. Mr. Radar apparently does not notice and proceeds to drive forward, running over my left foot with the car. There was much screaming and crying on my part, and Mama Bee was a little misty eyed. Mr. Radar immediately drives me to the emergency room, no stopping, no passing go.

Fortunately, the X Ray shows my foot, all bones perfectly fine. The Doctor proclaims my foot officially "squashed." Pain medication in hand, Mr. Radar drives me home. No more foot squashing involved. Nothing is broken, but it still hurts like hell.


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