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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bye Bye Blue Bungalow

Several posts ago I told you about our difficult situation regarding our bungalow. We rented the bungalow in anticipation of moving to London. Our change of station was cancelled at the last moment and we had no idea what to do. Should we leave our renter homeless? Should we try to find another property to rent for ourselves? What to do?!!

It's been a stressful situation all around. At first, Mr. Radar and I tried to find a new property for our renter. There wasn't anything comparable and we felt guilty all around. When an opportunity to rent-to-own another property came along, we decided to take it. It wasn't an easy decision. In fact, I've cried nearly every day for the last three weeks. (I'm doing better now, for the most part). I love my bungalow, and it has been a lovely home. We hope our renter loves it as much as we do. We may even keep the bungalow in the long term as a rental property. We haven't decided that yet.

There are a lot of pluses to the new property. It's only two blocks away from the bungalow. It's a two story brick Federal style house. It's very large- nearly 2,500 square feet not including the full (but unfinished) basement. It has a garage as well. The house has tons of potential but needs a lot of work. It needs bathroom & kitchen upgrades, as well as new paint and flooring.
For right now, all we can do is paint.

Cue Martha:

Today, I'm heading over to the Big Orange to get some of Martha's swatches and look at some ceiling fans.

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Caroline | surprised by joy said...

So sorry to hear that your beautiful bungalow is going to be behind you. Leaving a home is awful; I hate moving for so many reasons.

I'm sure you and Mr. R will make your new home beautiful -- Martha will help. Once you bake your first cake or make your first bowl of pasta, it will start feeling little by little like a home. And in the end, you guys are each others' home. :)

Hilary said...

Thanks, Caroline for all the moral support! Moving is the worst. I always seem to have to move in the worst weather. Terrible heat, pouring rain- I even moved in a Dayton blizzard (normal snow storm in G-Rap).

I will probably have to scale down my kitchen creations until we can get an island or some other viable chopping surface.

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