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Friday, July 16, 2010

Some good wine and a calf

The post you've been waiting for and it's dripping with vino! I'm so sorry it is a week delayed- but Mr. Radar and I are moving to a new residence on Saturday! Way to drop a bomb, right? Anyway, let's forget I said that and think only of the wineries. Mr. Radar and I went to many wineries- and I'm only going to review our favorites! To my alcohol free-readers, there is also great food, juice, and ice cream in this post.

I found it impossible to take pictures of glasses of wine- they all look the same! So, I'll entertain you with my prose and pictures of a really cute jersey calf. Who doesn't love a jersey calf?

Americana Winery and the Crystal Cafe
The wine is very good- but the homemade fudge and delicious food at the cafe is better! Mr. Radar devoured Asian inspired pork tacos with crispy wantons and kimchi. He looked like he died and went to heaven. I had a seared tuna nicoise sandwich on a soft ciabatta roll. This sandwich was a) huge b) packed with some of the most delicious condiments ( olive tapenade and a homemade caper mayo) and fresh veggies c) came with the most delicious sweet potato fries I've ever consumed.

Hosmer Winery
A small, farmy winery. Yes, those are the best adjectives I can conjure. BUT the wine is exceptional- especially the Cayuga white. Cayuga white is a signature wine of the region, and it is a native grape to central New York. I always try a winery's Cayuga, because it gives me an idea of how the winery compares to others in the region. Hosmer has truly the best Cayuga I have had- not too sweet, but still juicy and grapey. For the girly girls, they have a raspberry tinted Cayuga that is also wonderful.
I said it was farmy, right? The evidence.

Lucas Vineyards
Lucas has a nautical theme, because the owner used to be a NYC tugboat captain. Neat, right? Their wines are good all around. Anything you choose will be a good choice for a casual dinner party or to drink after work. The wines are not super fancy or super sweet. Just plain good.

Zugibe Vineyards
This is my favorite, located on a farm off of Seneca lake. Less than 1/2 a mile from my grandparents' lake house. The wines are understated, lovely. This is not a flashy vineyard. The view of the lake is spectacular, and Zugibe has an outdoor stage for concerts every Saturday. Acts range from pop to jazz, and a very diverse crowd. Zugibe serves well crafted whites and reds. They have an excellent reputation in the region; if you ask another vintner for a recommendation, they will assuredly send you to Zugibe.

Shalestone Vineyard
Definitively Mr. Radar's favorite. There is a disclaimer though: REDS ONLY! And dry ones! There are only six wines offered; all are excellent. Received rave reviews from the New York Times, Zagat Guide, and the New Yorker. Mr. Radar was gaga over this winery. Also, they have a really awesome selection of locally crafted art and furniture.

Don't forget the ice cream! Go to Cayuga Creamery! Unusual flavors like Sea Salt Caramel, Gianduia, and New York Maple.

Isn't he adorable? He hates it when I take pictures of him while he eats.


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