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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Finger Lakes

I'm back from my break. I went to visit my family in Upstate New York while Mr. Radar worked at one of the Air Force's test locations. The trip was bittersweet for me, as my grandparents are in frail health. It was nice to see them, and Mr. Radar and I got in some vacation time at many of the Finger Lakes' beautiful wineries.

Not familiar with the Finger Lakes? Well, let me tell you all about them! I love the Finger Lakes. My parents met in upstate New York- both were teachers- and my mom grew up in nearby Geneva. I had childhood visits to my grandparent's lake house on Seneca Lake. It always felt like a second home. Now that my parents no longer live in Michigan, I visit family in New York more often.

Some people say there are 7 finger lakes- other say 11. Like a lot of other lakes in North America, the Finger Lakes were created by glaciers. The water is pure, and the views are stunning. I think the weather is lovely, with four distinct seasons. The three lakes I am most familiar with are Seneca, Cayuga, and Skinneatles (pronounced Skinny-Atlas). Seneca and Cayuga are the largest- and they are two of the deepest lakes in America. If you are really interested, a trip over to Wikipedia will give you everything you'd ever want to know. Like this lovely map:

Anyway, in my next post, I will give details and reviews of our trip. Mr. Radar and I went to at least 9 wineries, and sampled the offerings. We tried lots of Rieslings, lots of reds, and even a few more unique offerings. Like a wine called Chocolate Lab, and yes, it was flavored chocolate. Visit the Finger Lakes' board of tourism if I have even convinced you a little bit that the Finger Lakes are interesting.

The Finger Lakes reminds me a lot of Michigan. Lots of trees, lots of lakes. Lots of farmers markets! We visited Ithaca's Farmers Market at the request of our friend, Tim. Thanks, Tim! It truly is an excellent farmers market, with lots of unique offerings. We also visited quite a few farms, including Cowlick Farm & Creamery. We purchased some lovely cheese which I will use later in the week. I also picked some delicious wild black raspberries, as well as some golden plums. More on those later.

Stay tuned for my later reviews of the wine, food, and fun in the Finger Lakes.


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