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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Proposed Color Schema

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time picking out colors for the Big House. I visited two Home Depots, my neighborhood Sherwin Williams, and the Benjamin Moore/California Paints.

I find picking out colors extremely challenging. Any little help I can get makes me excited. I ended up going with Martha Stewart Living paints because they are a) mix and match and b) cheaper than my usual choice at Sherwin Williams. Martha's paints look so elegant, understated and have really cute names! Each paint chip has a helpful list of coordinating colors. Mr. Radar took Martha's advice to heart, I think. When I suggested a color that wasn't on Martha's list, he became mutinous. He said "Martha knows, Hilary." Indeed she does, Mr. R.

First Floor
Downstairs was a bit of a challenge. The house has a moody feel thanks to the Oak staircase and twin Mahogany mantles. The original fired Victorian tile are in place in both mantles.
The living room has beautiful cream tile. I chose a butter colored paint. It's very subtle, nearly neutral with a bit of cheerfulness.


The entry has a very large, grand mantle with peridot green tile. I wanted a green that would coordinate, but not match or compete.


The dining room is currently painted Scorsese red. I really, really hate all over red paint. I wanted a bolder color, but something that looked cheerful and nature inspired.

Pear Cider

Second Floor

Master Bedroom has two colors. A beautiful pinky beige and a peony pink. The peony pink is actually an accent for the inside of the closet and the inside of the bookshelf.

Gypsy Moth


Mr. Radar's Office will be blue. Because that's what he has requested over and over and over.

Morning Fog

The Guest Bedroom is a nice neutral greige.



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