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Friday, July 2, 2010

Blue Bungalow: Part I

Since the Big News came down the pipeline, Mr. Radar and I have had to make some hard decisions in very short time frame.

One decision was what to do about our blue bungalow.

We rented out our house in preparation to leave for London. Now that we are not going, we had to decide whether to leave our renter high and dry, or find another place for ourselves. We love our cottage; everything about it is perfect. I have the biggest kitchen, with new appliances and loads of counter space. I'm madly in love with it. I also have brand new front loading washer and dryer. I love them. BUT, Mr. Radar doesn't have space for his office and crazy science equipment. With him working more from home, we considered renting a larger property and our renter can move into the blue bungalow as expected. We know, though, that most other properties do not have the niceties of our cottage (the big kitchen, new appliances, etc.). But still, the need for more space is a priority.

We weren't sure about the idea of renting our own house and moving into another. I have separation anxiety regarding my precious cottage. I love it. I've landscaped the yard, loved the house, painted the walls. I felt scared, petrified even, about potentially leaving our little house. We had to make a decision, for better or for worse. We're announcing our plans soon- but since this is happening in real time- we are waiting until everything is signed, sealed, and delivered.


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