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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down

You know that song. London Bridge is Falling Down, Falling down, My Fair Lady. Simple lyrics that I never thought would apply to my life- because what nursery rhyme is practical? But, my london bridge is falling down. Let me explain.

Mr. Radar's work has put the kibosh on our trip to England. Lots of bureaucracy. Too much work for Mr. Radar here in the states and elsewhere. Fortunately for Mr. Radar, he still gets to go to England as part of his regularly scheduled work travel. Sadly for Hilary Bee, I have to stay home. I'll still make smaller trips with him, and hopefully- though it will take longer, I will tackle my bucket list. Obviously, I am extremely disappointed by this decision, especially since it came just a month before our estimated leave date. It's not the best scenario, and it is hard to see the good in this misadventure. We rented out our house- and now our poor renter, is homeless. I am (hopefully temporarily!) jobless- but let's not talk about the "W" word- that's not what this blog is about.

I feel pretty lost. Lots of sacrifices were made. Unfortunately, our situation is not that different from many other military families out there who must pick-up shop every 3-4 years. Travel is Mr. Radar's albatross. We were hoping a change of station to England would alleviate much of his travel related stress. Even though we are not moving- or at least I'm not going anywhere- I have decided to continue with the blog. If there are even any readers out there, I hope you do not become too bored with my life at the bungalow. Hopefully I can get more content together and keep the blog going. Because I really like the blog.

End Scene. Next Act. More Cake.


Winter said...

I'm sorry to hear that things fell through for you guys. Allow yourself to feel sad for a few days. What a bummer! At least now you don't have to miss any great South Park parties :-).

Caroline said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this -- what a huge disappointment. :( I hope you keep writing, though. I love reading your thoughts and recipes.

Go eat some more cake. I feel so sad for you, I might eat cake, too!

Q. said...

Ack! Can't believe this, after all that mental and physical preparation! Oi.

Still, this means I'll be able to see you when I visit, and please do keep writing.

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