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Thursday, June 10, 2010

London Neighborhood Spotlight: Balham

We were told not to look South of the Thames. We were advised to look at the flashier neighborhoods near Mr. Radar's work, like Islington and Angel. Unfortunately, those flashier neighborhoods are competitive, expensive, and less flexible about dogs.

I rarely do what I'm told anyway, so I started looking in Southwest London, figuring it would be less expensive and less competitive. And of course, I have found a delightful neighborhood south of the Thames. Balham and Clapham are just south of the Thames, and full of delightful parks (five in a 1.5 mile radius!!!), Victorian mansions, and charming private gardens. Mr. Radar likes to work at home a lot- and having a larger space in a quieter neighborhood sounds nice to both of us.

The John Walter's House, Clapham Common

King George's Park

Charming Terrace House


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