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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bucket List

Who doesn't have a bucket list? I figure our move to London gives me a legitimate excuse to cross a few places off of my list. Here are the places I think we can accomplish during our time in London.

1. Dubrovnik & Greece- I'm hoping we might be able to go to Dubrovnik & Greece to celebrate our anniversary (maybe in 2012).

*image courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

2. Prague
3. Budapest
4. Spain-om nom nom (ham! tapas! sangria!)
5. Scotland- I especially want to ride the Jacobite steam train, aka The Hogwarts express! I hope we can take several weekend trips, but not too many to distract Mr. Radar from his mound of research.

*image from my favorite obsessive fan site, The Leaky Cauldron.

6. Ireland- Mr. Radar's parents are coming in July 2012, and the in-laws want to see Ireland. I think we might go on a cruise, which might be easier on the in-laws, who have never been overseas before.
7. Naples & the Amalfi Coast- In October, we are going to Naples (a work trip for Mr. Radar, more vacation for me!!)
8. British Coast- I would also like to take Buddy to the ocean. There are lots of pet friendly cottages along the coast, and I think it would be fun to take Buddy on a nice coastal vacation.


Caroline said...

Ummmmm, I think I'd like to come be Buddy's nanny. :) And go all these places. And eat the sea...or whatever.

It sounds wonderful, I hope you get to see as much as you can! Personally speaking, I loved Ireland, Scotland, Greece and the Italian Mediterranean coast. You'll be swept off your feet!

Hilary said...

If I outsource Buddy's care, then I won't have anything to do with my time but cook! Potentially very dangerous.

I hope we get to go everywhere on the bucket list. Believe it or not, the bucket list was about 3x as along!

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