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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Supper: Mr. Radar's Homecoming Meal

Mr. Radar will be coming home soon- and I thought I would treat him with a special menu just for him. On Thursday (yes, I know not a Sunday) I tested a few original recipes on good friends. I am still working out a few kinks, so I adjusted Mr. Radar's menu based on the changes I have made since Thursday. The heat wave we are experienced really inspired the menu. I like to serve simple, light food on really hot days. Remember those beets from the market? They were truly gorgeous and of exceptional quality. I served them chilled with a refreshing orange sauce. The sugar snap peas and arugula from the market also made an appearance. On Thursday, I made a simple no-sugar dessert of whipped cream and fresh fruit. Our friend Galen is diabetic- though any kind of Fool would be a cool treat on a hot day. I wanted to make Mr. Radar something special. So I froze those sour cherries for him. I will make a Sour Cherry Cobbler from the cookbook Rustic Fruit Desserts. I will make the cobbler in advance and serve with ice cream; the perfect summer dessert.


Chilled Beet Salad with Cardamom Scented Orange Supremes (pictured)

Snap Peas with an Orange Mint Gremolata

Lemon Herb Ravioli with a Pistachio Pesto

Sour Cherry Cobbler


Caroline said...

YUM! Sounds amazing. Let me know how the cobbler turns out -- sour cherries are just starting to come in up here in the Mitten.

Hilary said...

Caroline, I was actually going to ask if they had appeared in G-Rap yet. They are not very popular in Ohio, so I snapped up a whole bunch (about 6 quarts!) for the summer.

Q. said...

Wow, Hils, I knew you were a food connoisseur, but had no idea the extent of your Martha Stewart-ness :-)

Hilary said...

Thanks, Q. Recently, I've been pondering a stint in culinary school. I would love to be Martha, but alas, I don't hold a candle.

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