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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the Weeds

Hello readers! Don't mind the dust and blog construction. I've been playing around with the blog layout. I am hoping to have a permanent, professionally constructed layout soon.
Yesterday, I missed Tuesday's Tea. I feel compelled to tell you why. This delightful little weed is the reason why.

Yep, that would be poison ivy. I was weeding my garden in between rain storms, when I noticed weeds growing out of my clematis. Clematis is an ivy itself, so I just picked out the weeds growing into it. I looked at the leaves in my hand, realized it was poison ivy and promptly had a mini freak out. The whole vine touched my left arm, so I now have small welts from my elbow to my palm on the left hand and some itchy bumps on my right.

I know about using oatmeal, calamine lotion, and mint to help ease the pain. I turned to the magical interwebs to find other remedies. Remedies range from interesting to down right strange/dangerous:

*Stewed/Mashed Jewelweed is supposed to ease the itching. I could not find any jewelweed, so I cannot attest to this treatment.
*Welding Water or colloidal silver (I do not recommend this, I understand that it could kill you!!)
*Spray deodorant that contains aluminum on the rash (basically same logic as above; seemed scary to me and did not try it)
*Rubbing the affected area with alcohol to remove poison Ivy oil (tried it; it worked for about 2 seconds)
* Take a very hot shower (tried it, felt very painful, but stopped the itching for about three hours- but then it came back itchier than before)
* A combination of benedryl and the above remedies (took the benedryl; I feel sleepy but still itchy)
*Taking a bath with chlorine in it or going to a pool for a swim (no thanks!)
* Dish Soap
* Putting Kosher salt on the area (I'll try it if I get desperate).

What are your poison ivy remedies? Any advice?

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